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Performance Plus
Carpet & Tile Cleaning

We get OUT what others leave behind!

4211 NE 11 Street * Ocala, FL * 34470 * PH: (352) 236-5577 *

-You will be thrilled with their work that you will tell your friends and family about us!

-Deliver outstanding performance so that you will become a life-long customer

-We will remove more stains than other carpet cleaners!

- We will call you a few days after the cleaning job to MAKE sure you are happy with the service we provided!

-We give ALL of our cleaning work a “30 day Peace of Mind” warranty! If the spot comes back, so do we!

- Our cleaning methods are guaranteed to reduce and remove bio-contaminates from your carpet in order to restore sanitary conditions for a happy, healthy home.

This site is designed to educate you and assist you in selecting a qualified cleaning company, to take care of your needs in a very professional manner.

This company gives you a warranty with every cleaning for your "peace of mind". If a spot they clean comes back, let them know. They consider it their spot & they will come back for it.